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Have you ever been injured in a disaster? if not, do you know someone who has? ​

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Primer periododocente: luz elia gutiérrez lópezarea/asignatura: inglésgrado: 7estudiante: actividades dimension cognitivaescriba la estructura para realizar oraciones afirmativas en presente simple y las reglas que se aplicanterceras personas del singular (he/she/lt) y de dos ejemplos de cada una. repase y aprenda las siguientes acciones de rutina: get up-take a shower - brush my teeth - get dressed - have breakfast - go to school - leav- have lunch-get home - do homework - have dinner - go to bed. investigue que son los adverbios de frecuencia y cuales son en inglés. memorice la escritura y significado de los siguientes verbos: write-read-eat-study-go-have-do-swi m- fly-play - drink - speak - drive -sleep-see-teach-learn-watch-wash-r un-sell-send-sing-walk. actividades dimension procedimentallook at the pictures. write the daily activity on the blanks.​
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Write questions and negations as in the example se do the shopping on saturdays
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Pls ( responder : v )1) what country do koalas live in? 2)where do koalas sleep? 3)how mony hours do koalas sleep every day? 4)do koalas drink water? 5)do koalas make different sounds? 6)what do we call a baby koala? 7)how big is a baby koala when it is born? 8)how long do koalas live for in the wild? 9)how long do koalas live for in capturity? 10)can tourist hold koalas to take photos?
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El any: (sometimes both are possible, depending on how you deful in with some l anysituation)ole, depending on how you perceive theapples in the fridge. bank near here? i'm new and still wandering around theyoranges left! _coffee? 1. there are2 is there3 there aren'twould you like6. do you have6. i have+ tony was havingclue how to solve this problem? very interesung books, come and we can read togetherproblems with his car, so he couldn't drive nisschoolcouldn't drive his child to the& she didn't have9. can i haveat an interesting story! do you10 they couldn't buy11. my parents are ust12. what an intere13.1 have14. do you have1.5 would you like16. there are7 i would like to buy48 i think that i can see19 she is making20. are there21. may i take22. are there23. there aretoys left to play with, so i borrowed hersalt in my salad, ? are usually busy. so they don't haveroses for the teacher. it was too expensive._time left for me! problems with this computer, what about you? _more? pencil to borrow. i don't havejuice to drink? with me nowgreat hot-dogs over there! training shoes, but i don't know what to choose. guys over there coming towards us! nice cakes! dishes i can use? handouts for my friends who are not coming on class today! pupils outside or everyone is here? meals you can try for free​
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Have you ever been injured in a disaster? if not, do you know someone who has? ​...

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